Why Grilles On Windows May Be An Insurance Requirement

Dear readers; if replacement window grilles is not a (at least) standard requirement of the insurance company in question, you may wish to wonder whether or not such a company is still doing business. Because by this time, the insurance company may have been overrun by having to pay so many claims. And because the wheels in motion would have been bad (insurance) business anyway, no reinsurance company worth its weight in gold would be prepared to come to the rescue of such a company. 

They would regard the company in question’s underwriting records atrocious at best. It is standard par for the course for accredited insurance agents to impose such matters on their insureds. These should never be regarded as restrictions or barriers. But if it could be called that, the window grilles do act as barriers against unwarranted and unwholesome and unwelcome intrusions, both natural and human.

Prior to a commercial client being granted a comprehensive cover package, the insurance company’s surveyor should have made his rounds. He will have inspected the client’s business or operating premises in full. And if such material structures are relevant and found lacking, he will accordingly advise (in writing). It can happen that the client may refuse to follow the surveyor’s recommendations.

And in that case, there is every possibility that his request for cover will be rejected forthwith. The fact of the matter remains; inasmuch as the insurance company is there to compensate its client against potential losses and damages, every effort must still be made to avert such losses. For some, this is seen as nothing more than risk aversion and going against the very principle and purpose of insurance.

replacement window grilles

But of course, it is nothing of the sort.