Ways To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer

Hot weather hits all of us at one point or another throughout the year.  The beaming sun shines through our windows increasing the temperature in the room, forcing us to turn up the AC increasing our electric bills.  Installing window blinds atlanta will be the best option for those hot room, but for those looking for other options here are a few ideas.

Window Tint

Purchasing a window tint is a quick and easy option. Many rooms in our homes only get hot at certain points of the day and in some cases, there is only one window that is the culprit.  Purchasing some window tint and installing it onto your windows is a quick fix and will only cost a few dollars.

Fake Snow

During the holidays we all enjoy decorating our homes.  Well, you can do the same thing with spray on snow in the summer time as well. This snow will create a white barrier between the sun and your room.  It will also look like Christmas sending a nice cool feeling throughout your home.

Bed Sheets

Taking some tacks or push pins you can create your own homemade curtains.  Simply start at the upper left-hand corner of the window and work your way across until the bed sheet is stretched across. 

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Plant trees

A great way to naturally block the sun is to plant trees in front of your windows.  The trees will help beautify your yard, create shade on your home and help block the rays of the sun from heating up your room.

Install Blinds

If none of the above solutions fits your needs, then consider installing blinds.  The blinds you choose can be very useful, attractive and will help with the sun and heat.  The beauty of blinds is that they can easily be opened and closed when needed.